Statement of Principles

Statement of Principles of the Democratic Confederalist Union of America

Inspired by the revolutionaries, philosophers and artists of old, now the time has come to throw off our blinders and awaken to what the whole of human existence has been reduced to. Civilization is crumbling before a barbarism we have had a hand in building and upholding. We cry that, like the Titan Atlas, we will no longer bear to prop up this utter madness and instead, like the Titan Prometheus, bring fire to humanity and burn the ropes that bind us. Together, we call on all of our brethren who wish upon all of the same stars that we do, gazing into the night sky manifesting dreams of a beautiful future, to join us. We are no longer satisfied with the crumbs from the table of the masters. We will no longer stand aside as reason, rightness, romance and rebellion are assaulted by the putrefaction and decay that is the marriage of State and Capitalism. We now crash brazenly through the walls of oppression and sing our songs of liberation at full wail.

We are the Democratic Confederalist Union of America.

What We Want:

  1. The complete and total liberation of all humanity. We are all in bondage until all chains are broken.
  2. The destruction of the State and the institutional barbarism that supports it.
  3. The control of the means of production from private hands to public administration.
  4. The equitable distribution of all resources and wealth to all.
  5. The end of all wars and the dismantling of the military-industrial complex.
  6. The end of our incarceration fetish and the industrial system that backs it.
  7. The disarmament and abolition of the police, which is now nothing more than an authorized death squad.
  8. The creation and encouragement of free, radical and open institutions of health, education, culture, justice, religion, information, and moreso.
  9. The uplifting of all civilization towards the service of humanity and the enrichment of our minds, bodies, and souls.
  10. The creation of a true alternative and the construction of a new world in the current decaying ruins of this one.

What We Are:

  • Democratic Confederalist
  • Libertarian Socialist
  • Libertarian Municipalist
  • Communalist
  • Anti-Capitalist
  • Pro-Education
  • Anti-Authoritarian
  • Anti-Racist
  • Pro-Queer
  • Multi-Cultural
  • Multi-Tendency
  • Anti-Monopolistic
  • Consensus-Oriented
  • Social Ecologist
  • Anarcha-Feminism
  • Sex Positive
  • Intersectionalist
  • Internationalist
  • Anti-State
  • Pro-Self Defense
  • Pro-Civilization
  • Pro-Equity
  • Anti-Slavery
  • Pro-Freedom